Sergeants, Yeomen, Gallants, Lancers, Wardens, and Courtiers

"The positions of Sergeant, Gallant, Yeoman, Lancer, Courtier and Warden within the Baronies of the Kingdom of Avacal, have been developed to allow individuals the opportunity to demonstrate the martial prowess, commitment to service, pursuit of the arts and sciences, and dedication to the chivalric qualities and developmental ideals esteemed within the Society for Creative Anachronism. The goal of the Sergeantry is to provide leadership within Avacal and their local group, and exemplify commitment to service to the populace of the Barony to which they swear fealty." (Sergeantry Handbook, June 2016)

His Lordship Robert of Caithness is a Sergeant of Myrgan Wood.

Lord Alric the Indecisive is a Warden of Myrgan Wood.