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Merchandise for Sale by the Barony of Myrgan Wood

  • Necklaces ... $5
  • Leather Bracelets, Wide ... $15
  • Leather Bracelets, Thin ... $10
  • Tee-Shirts* Sizes S-M-L-XL ... $20

(a portion of the profits on the Avacal necklaces goes to our Kingdom's coffers)

Proposed Deliver/Exchange Method ... Comment on the post on the Avacal face book website or facebook message me what you would like to buy and at what events you will attend and I will have a smiling member of our Myrgan Wood aristocracy, who will attend the same event, arrange to make the exchange with you. Alternatively, you can come to future Myrgan Wood events.

* The item with the defect will surely be a collectors piece so order now while stock is available!

Contact Ljotr Tormodsson (Order of the Elm Leaf in Spring)

Last updated 31 Aug 2016